Dental Sealants Can Protect Back Teeth Cavities

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Molars and premolars often have deep pits in the biting surfaces, and its this texture that helps us to grind up the food we eat. However, these deep grooves can also cause plaque and food particles to build up and increase the risk of cavities. Some children also struggle to properly brush particularly deep grooves.

If you are concerned about your child’s risk of cavities, you may want to consider having dental sealants placed on their back teeth. Our dentist paints the durable plastic resin shells onto the back teeth to coat the deep pits and provide protection. We can provide dental sealants after your child’s next regular dental check-up when the teeth are clean and healthy.

With the use of a special ultraviolet light, we cure the liquid dental sealants to harden them so that they provide a firm seal. Now, if food or plaque becomes stuck in the deep pits, the tooth enamel on the chewing surfaces won’t be at a high risk of tooth decay. Dental sealants can protect your child’s teeth against cavities for several years.

However, it’s important that your child understands their dental sealants aren’t a replacement for brushing their teeth, and they still need to take good care of their smiles. Dental sealants withstand years of tooth brushing without becoming worn.

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