Pregnancy and Your Dental Health

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If you are expecting a baby soon, this is a busy time in your life and it is about to get busier! You have doctor’s appointments, maybe a Lamaze class, and of course, you need to buy baby clothes, diapers, bottles, and furniture. And don’t forget to pick out your baby’s name. While your to-do list is pretty long, you need to make some time for a dental visit.

Ideally, you should see the dentist before you start trying to conceive. That way, your dentist can clean your teeth and address any problems. That will be one less thing you have to worry about while you are pregnant. If you already are pregnant, the best time to see your dentist for non-emergency needs is during your second trimester. That is the time when a dental visit is the most comfortable for you and safest for your baby. You should let the dentist know if you are pregnant, or might be when you visit the office. If you should need x-rays, the staff can provide you with a protective apron and collar.

During your pregnancy, you will experience hormonal changes which can lead to a greater risk of gum disease. If your gums become tender, swollen or red, make an appointment to see your dentist. You may experience an overgrowth on your gums called pregnancy tumors. These are benign growths, but your dentist can remove them if they are causing you problems. With pregnancy comes morning sickness. A bout of morning sickness can result in increased acid in your mouth which can contribute to tooth decay. You should rinse your mouth after you are sick, and brush your teeth about thirty minutes later.

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