Some Symptoms of Gum Disease

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If you are curious about what symptoms come with gum disease, we can explain some of them to you. We will go over two of the major stages, which are called gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease. You may have gingivitis if you notice your gums are red and starting to swell. Your teeth may also start to look longer, though they are not actually getting longer. This illusion of longer teeth may be a sign that the gums are receding. Really persistent bad breath may also appear, though it is not always an indication of gingivitis.

Gingivitis can be reversed easily. In this way, it is kind of merciful. You can visit with Drs. Jordan Risinger to learn what you can do to treat it. Our team can help you get started by cleaning off plaque and tartar through a dental cleaning.

Periodontitis can develop if you do not treat gingivitis. By this point, the gums pull away from the teeth so much that pockets form between them and the teeth. Plaque can practically dive into these pockets and get under your gums. As the infection continues, you may notice your teeth become loose. They rely on the gums for some support, and loose teeth can be a sign of weakening gums.

Our team wants to help you treat gum disease. We offer some treatments that may be able to effectively deal with periodontitis. We may also be able to help you prevent gum disease entirely through cleanings and exams. If you call Athens, Texas, or the surrounding areas home, we are happy to help you with these goals. You need only call 903-675-9118 to set up your visit today!