Turn Back Time with Dental Bonding

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If you have any concerns about your oral health care, speak with our dentist about a dental bonding treatment. Dental bonding treatments are cosmetic dentistry procedures that can drastically improve the look and health of your smile. If you have any abnormal or irregular problems with the surface of a tooth, resin and porcelain bonds can be applied to treat the tooth.

In most cases, dental bonds are applied directly to the surfaces of a tooth to repair the damage that has occurred. However, they can often be used as an additional layer of protection to help protect teeth that may be at risk for further damage or also to change the shape of teeth. In addition, dental bonds are effective in situations where extensive gum recession has occurred, and the root of a tooth needs to be protected. Other uses of dental bonds are for covering up stains or discolorations, to help repair decayed teeth and correct chips and cracks that may be present within teeth. Even a single application of a dental bond on a damaged tooth can help provide up to ten years of added protection.

If you would like to set up a dental bonding session at Athens Advanced Dental or would like a comprehensive oral exam from our team at our office, please call us at 903-675-9118. Drs. Risinger and Murphy and our team are here for your smile in Athens, Texas.